Healthy travel – 15 smart eating options for business travelers

By now, many of us have probably forgotten about those new year’s resolutions we made just a few short weeks ago so I thought this would be a good time for a reminder. If one of your resolutions was to lose weight and eat healthier, the following are some food choices that can help you avoid the high sugar, high sodium, high calorie and high carb options (candy bars, soda, potato chips, etc.) readily available when traveling.

healthy travel food choices

It’s good to plan ahead in order to stick to your nutritional plan. Packing food before your trip for snacking during journey is a great option. If you are worried about if your snack will clear an airport security screening, the TSA explains which types of foods are allowed in carry-on luggage.

  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts, particularly almonds, walnuts cashews
  • Trail mix
  • Energy bars
  • Baby carrots

In case you’re not one to plan so far ahead, here are some healthier snack food options that are often available at airport cafes and kiosks:

  • Fruit cups
  • Lowfat yogurt
  • String cheese
  • V8 vegetable and fruit juice
  • Bananas

Lastly here are some better restaurant choices for travelers.

Sandwiches with whole grain bread, lean meats, and minimal oily and fatty spreads.
Water or sparkling water, instead of soda (even diet) or other sugary drinks
Salads are almost always a healthier entry option and are an even better choice when paired with low-calorie dressings
Non-cream based soups are often one of the healthiest and filling meal options available
Non-fried fish and chicken served with steamed vegetables and brown rice



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