Stepping Inside These Abandoned Places In Georgia Is Almost Haunting

No matter where you look in Georgia, you’re bound to find a piece of history. Our culture rich state is just filled with historical artifacts that all have an interesting story to tell. The best part about our history is that you don’t need to go to a museum to feel it–just simply walk outside. There are so many interesting, abandoned places in Georgia, just waiting to be discovered. If you look around you may find one of these abandoned places close to your home.

Old House in Sycamore, GA
This home was found off HWY 41 in Sycamore, Georgia. It seems that this house was once a glorious one back in its hay day.

Old Church in Sterling, GA
The photographer of this photo describes this church as being built in the late 1800s for a small congregation of farmers. In the mid 1970s, times changed and the church no longer had enough members to support it. Now the only music to be heard are the birds that made this place their home.

Abandoned Shacks in Hogansville, GA
These abandoned shacks were found in Hogansville. One can only imagine that this was once a home to a family of farmers or sharecroppers.

Georgia’s Central State Hospital in Milledgeville
This place is the stuff horror stories are made of. According to Atlanta Magazine, Georgia Central State Hospital was once the largest mental facility in the world. Formerly known as the Georgia Lunatic Asylum, this place is now abandoned and decaying. It invokes the imagination to think of the things that took place in this institution.

Georgia BBQ Shack in Kingsland GA
This small abandoned shack was found in Kingsland, Georgia. It was probably a pretty popular BBQ joint in its day..

Cabin in Appalacian North GA
This rustic cabin was found in the North Georgia Mountains. The weeds are taking over this place!

Harville House in Statesboro GA
Rumor has it that this house is haunted! Samuel Winkler Harville purchased the land in 1862, and built this once grand house in 1894. He finished 10 years later with 14 rooms. The land it was built on was also once self-sustaining for 10 farming families.

Southern Manson in Baker County, GA
This southern mansion was found in Baker County. Even though it is run down, there is something so intriguing about the place!

Georgia Girl Drive In
One can only imagine what type of food the Georgia Girl Drive-In served! It probably was a favorite spot among local teenagers.

Road into Wormsloe, an Abandoned Plantation in Georgia
Wormsloe Plantation is now a historic site in Savannah, Georgia. It is the oldest standing structure in Savannah! Anyone who's ever been to Savannah knows that's a feat as there are many old houses in Savannah. It is the colonial estate of Noble Jones who came to Georgia with James Ogelthorpe.

Deserted Mill near Lindale, Georgia
This beautiful picture is from a deserted mill in Lindale, Georgia. Nature has almost completely taken over!

Abandoned House in Helen, Georgia
This mysterious abandoned house resides in Helen, Georgia.

Fairy Tale House in Georgia
Straight out of a fairy tale book, this shack looks like it belongs to a magical elf!

There are so many wonderful and amazing things to discover in Georgia! Each of these places make imaginations run wild with the possible stories they hold! Do you know of any other cool abandoned places near your Georgia home? If so let us know!



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